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Fancy Riedel wine and beer glasses are just $10 for a 4-pack today at Best Buy

Stemless wine, prosecco and beer glasses on deep discount.


If you're in the wine biz or just make it your business to drink wine often, then you're likely familiar with Riedel. The Austrian crystal company is one of the best-known and well-loved wine glass producers in the world and has been for more than six decades and you'll find it at any restaurant or wine-tasting worth its weight in tannins. 

Right now would be an ideal time to stock up as a whole mess of stunning Riedel glassware is on sale (for today only) as part of Best Buy's Deal of the Day. That includes 4-packs of stemless red wine glasses, stemless white wine glasses, stunning prosecco glasses (which I personally own and love) and elegant beer glasses all for just $10. 

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Considering these sets usually retail for $40 or more, it's a bigtime steal. Check out our favorites below or see here for the full list of Riedel glassware on sale now.