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Ridicule has its place.

MacJournals News takes exception to the ridicule given "Sticker Guy".

This is going to be something of an "inside baseball" post so if you're looking for news or rumors, you're out of luck.

If, instead, you're the kind of reader who likes snippy disagreements between pedantic Mac nerds, well, read on, friend!

MacJournals News has taken to task the Mac bloggers who openly mocked "Sticker Guy" as he has come to be known -- the reporter who asked Steve Jobs why Apple doesn't participate in the "Intel inside" promotion. According to MacJournals, the revenue the promotion would generate for Apple is reason enough for the question to be a good one.

The Macalope is proud to count himself as a "Logotard", as MacJournals humorously called us, even if it is a bit of a malapropism as we are clearly "Lack-of-logo-tards".

Because it was a stupid question. Sure, maybe not the stupidest question he could have asked, but still a whopper. Because while there may be valid reasons why other companies might take Intel's money and run, there is no chance on Odin's green earth that Apple would ever do it. To ask such a question is simply to display one's ignorance of Apple and Steve Jobs. The only stickers that you'll find on Apple products are those clear ones that protect them on their magical journey to your doorstep.

MacJournals lists other possible questions a reporter could have asked Jobs and discounts them because he would not have provided anything other than... platitudes about great new products, great Intel chips, how cool Leopard is, and how hard they're working on the future.

How that excuses asking a stupid question is quite beyond the horned one, but it's also just not true. At All Things Digital, for example, Jobs was asked about the stagnancy of .Mac and revealed that a revision would be coming soon.

Is it easy to get information out of him you wouldn't get somewhere else? No. But it's not impossible, and "Sticker Guy" blew an opportunity. It's not the end of the world, it doesn't mean he's stupid, but there are times when people do stupid things that are just funny.