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Ricoh's wider-angle GX200

The follow-up to the Caplio GX100 uses the same 24-72mm wide-angle lens.

Ricoh GX200
Ricoh GX200 Ricoh Co.

Ricoh continues inching its way back into the U.S. market, this time with an update to its Caplio GX100 point-and-shoot camera, the GX200. The real distinguishing characteristic of the GX models is the 24-72mm-equivalent 3x zoom lens; 24mm is a fairly wide-angle view for a snapshot model.

The GX200 isn't a huge upgrade over the GX100; basically, it's got a higher-resolution 12-megapixel sensor compared with the GX100's 10-megapixel CCD, and it sports a slightly larger, higher-resolution 2.7-inch LCD, versus 2.5 inches for the GX100. Ricoh claims its updated image-processing engine, Smooth Imaging Engine III, provides "dramatic" noise reduction. That's essential for the higher-resolution sensor.

Optional EVF
Optional EVF Ricoh Co.

Ricoh didn't include pricing or shipping information in its press information, but Adorama camera (one of the few U.S. retailers to carry Ricoh models) is taking preorders, and at least on its site the GX200 is slated to ship in July for $599. Interestingly, Ricoh will also be offering a kit version of the GX200 with a removable tilting electronic viewfinder; that runs an extra $150 at Adorama. Both seem fairly pricey, though. If you're curious, PhotographyBlog has image samples from the camera.