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Ricoh Theta V is ready to take on your Google VR Tours

Want to create a VR walkthrough? Ricoh's camera will help you go 360.

Joshua Goldman/CNET

Google announced the browser-based Tour Creator, for roll-your-own VR walkthroughs, at its Google I/O developer conference this week. 

But if you want to create your own 360-degree content, you'll need a camera that works with it. Out of the gate, Ricoh says it's ready for you with its Ricoh Theta V, an existing 360 camera that will work with the new Tour Creator.

Sadly, at close to $400, the Ricoh's pretty expensive for the education market, but for real-estate walkthroughs and the like it's probably a justifiable expense. And since you can get an underwater housing for it... imagine the possibilities.