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Ricky Gervais's PhoneShop: mock the geek

A new Channel 4 programme about a mobile phone store, script-edited by Ricky Gervais, has already been picked up for a full season after last night's premiere

Ricky Gervais's latest office isn't a paper company in Slough... it's much more nightmarish. PhoneShop, a new comedy with scripts edited by Gervais, takes place in the shiny-suited world of a mobile phone shop.

The programme premiered last night on Channel 4 as part of its experimental comedy strand, and the Independent reports the channel is such a fan of the show that it's already been commissioned for a six-part series in 2010.

PhoneShop is a comedy Glengarry Glen Ross set on the high street, with Tom Bennett off of Pulling playing a new salesperson who has to figure out how to flog the latest kit to the punters.

PhoneShop joins The IT Crowd and The Big Bang Theory in a current crop of shows giving us geek-themed giggles. The show's creator, Phil Bowker, told the Independent that a mobile phone shop was a natural setting for the comedy because we can all relate to what happens there.

"We've all been in these shops and you feel mugged when you come out with a phone you didn't want," said Bowker. "But they earn £9,000 a year and the rest is commission -- they need to stitch you up."

You can catch up with the hapless handset hawkers on Channel 4's online service, 4oD, and chat about the show at our sister site,