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Rick Moranis reprises famous Spaceballs role on The Goldbergs

He's coming out of retirement to play his famous Dark Helmet character from the Star Wars spoof.

Rick Moranis played Dark Helmet -- a parody of Darth Vader -- in the '80s Star Wars spoof, Spaceballs.


May the Schwartz be with you! 

Fans of director Mel Brooks' 1987 Star Wars parody film Spaceballs are in for a treat. 

Actor Rick Moranis has decided to come out of retirement just to reprise his role as Dark Helmet in a special tribute on the TV sitcom The Goldbergs.

This is especially exciting for Moranis fans since the reclusive actor hasn't starred in a movie in 20 years, and his last voiceover credit came in 2007 in Bob & Doug McKenzie's Two-Four Anniversary documentary.

Dark Helmet will make his appearance on the show with Moranis doing a voice-over cameo, when young Adam Goldberg's (Sean Giambrone) dreams the villain in his bedroom. Of course, a hilarious lightsaber duel ensues.

"I truly think Rick Moranis gave the most underrated and brilliant comedic performance in any '80s movie as Dark Helmet," The Goldbergs show creator Adam F. Goldberg told USA Today on Monday.

"I've been a lifelong fan of his work and became obsessed with having him reprise the role on my show. As an added bonus, maybe this even gets Spaceballs back in the conversation, and I can get my dream of helping make a sequel."

Director Mel Brooks has hinted in the past that Spaceballs 2 could be in the works, so here's hoping this episode of The Goldbergs makes the sequel a reality.

The Goldbergs episode entitled Spaceballs will air Wednesday, May 9 on ABC.