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Rick and Morty is back after 2 years -- but don't skip the credits

Wubba lubba dub dub, indeed. Unless you're in the UK.

Warning: Possible spoilers for the fourth-season premiere of Rick and Morty ahead.

There was Rick. There was Morty. There were Meeseeks. There were wasps, shrimp, fascists and death crystals, because of course there were. The acclaimed animated adult comedy Rick and Morty returned to Adult Swim Sunday night after two years of no new episodes. Fan reaction on social media seemed to show many viewers felt it was worth the wait.

"I can't believe it: I'm finally watching a new 'Rick and Morty,'" wrote one Twitter user. "After all this time. Please don't stay away so long ever again, 'Rick and Morty.' Please."

The action-packed episode went pretty meta, with Rick and Morty excitedly offering hints about their future adventures. "Sometimes we'll do classic stuff, other times we'll do whatever!" Morty announced. 

As usual, don't turn the episode off until the credits finish rolling, this time for two reasons. There's a touching tribute to one of the show's producers, Mike Mendel, who died in September. And -- no spoilers -- there's also a brief scene that puts a new twist on one of the plotlines in the premiere.

"Please tell your loved ones that Rick and Morty has post credits scenes," wrote show writer and producer Mike McMahan on Twitter. "There's one tonight that's kind of important."

But not everyone thought viewers deserved a warning. "If after nine years and three seasons people don't know that it's their problem," responded one viewer.

But some Rick and Morty fans are still waiting, and those in the UK will have to wait until January 2020 to see the new episodes. They'll air there on Channel 4.

For those in the US, the Nov. 10 premiere is the first of just five episodes before (yes, another) break of unknown length. The second half of the all-new season will premiere sometime in 2020

"Half the season you deserve," the season-four trailer narrator announces. "All the season we could handle."