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'Rick and Morty' are in a pickle in new crazy trailer

Fans of the zany animated series now have a trailer and a premiere date. It's kind of a big dill.

Plenty of shows put their main character in a pickle, but none quite so literally as "Rick and Morty." When the Adult Swim show released a trailer for its third season on Thursday night, eccentric grandpa Rick had somehow turned himself into a pickle. After all, he's kind of a big dill.

The pickle is just the beginning, as the trailer goes careening off through "Mad Max"-land, with a brief stop in "Game of Thrones"-ville and a few other crazy universes. "Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures," Rick tells his always-nervous grandson Morty.

But the big news comes at the end of the trailer, when it's announced that all-new episodes begin July 30 at 11:30 p.m. ET. (The first episode aired unannounced on April 1, because this is "Rick and Morty" and things happen that way.) Fans surely will relish the news.