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Rick and Morty season 4 drops a surprise mini episode free online

But still no word on when we'll see the rest of the season.


Meet samurai Rick.

Adult Swim

Before Rick and Morty returns for the second half of season 4, Adult Swim has doled out a 5-minute mini episode, brought to life in anime style. Watch the superb video, posted on Adult Swim's YouTube channel over the weekend, below.

The short, titled Samurai & Shogun (Rick and Morty), is the creation of Japanese animation studio Studio Deen, with Yohei Tadano voicing Rick WTM72 -- including the occasional burp now and then -- and Keisuke Chiba voicing Shogun Morty.

"Yeah so we spent a year putting together a five minute Rick and Morty Lone Wolf & Cub anime short for you guys," tweeted Jason DeMarco, co-creator of Adult Swim's anime programming block Toonami, referring to the Lone Wolf and Cub manga about an executioner and his 3-year-old son.

"Here it is, hope you dig it! Don't tell me we don't have the most fun!"

Note: Wait for the end credits if you want to hear a darker, moodier version of the usual end tune.

The first five episodes of Rick and Morty season 4 finished up last December, but there's still no word yet from Adult Swim on the release date for the final five.

To keep us satiated, the network has brought out short Rick and Morty animations in different styles, from a video game to stop motion.

But the latest is so good, it could be canon.