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Rick and Morty episode goes for the gross-out

Adult Swim sends altered versions of Rick and Morty on a bizarro trip that's definitely not family-friendly.

Rick and Morty have had some weird adventures (Pickle Rick!), but for April Fools' Day Sunday, the inventor and his grandson boldly went where they've never gone before. Australia.

In a very-not-family-friendly 10-minute video called Bushworld Adventures, a raggedly drawn Rick and Morty discover that all those reports of dangerous creatures living in Australia aren't exaggerated. Morty seeks treatment for a snake bite in a very personal spot, and well, things go exactly as you might think. Is there a cartoon version of Child Protective Services we can call to get Morty away from his grandpa, because ... yeah.

Australian YouTuber Michael Cusack directed the special episode.

You can watch the episode for free on Adult Swim's website. Kick the kids out of the room first. And watch now, because in a tweet, Adult Swim said it'd only be available till midnight. (But, in whose time zone? Midnight April Fools' Day has come and gone, and it's still up.)

This isn't the first April Fools' Day fun for the show. Last season's first episode aired unannounced on April 1.

There's no official date yet for Rick and Morty's season 4 return, but it's not expected before 2019.