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'Rick and Morty' discover how to defeat 'Alien' facehuggers

Turns out all that drinking and drugging Rick's done over the years has a positive side when battling space monsters.

Is it too late for the crew of the Covenant to sign up "Rick and Morty" from Adult Swim?

In a short clip posted to YouTube on Saturday, the eccentric grandpa and his determined grandson set out to answer a space distress call (against Rick's wishes, naturally) and find themselves onboard the ship from Ridley Scott's new "Alien: Covenant" movie.

Once they've arrived, it's Morty who starts to have second thoughts as they wander the abandoned hallways and stumble upon alien pods along with dripping goo. But when a facehugger makes an appearance, it's then that they learn Rick has a specific body chemistry that's fatal to the aliens, thanks to his hedonistic lifestyle. (Lucky the facehugger didn't head for innocent Morty instead.)

"Somebody get a memo to the characters in all those 'Alien' movies, STAT," Rick suggests. Better deliver it quickly, the movie has already opened in the UK. Then it releases in Australia on May 18, and the US on May 19.