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Rice Cube: Aussie gadget works like sushi Tetris

Rice Cube sushi maker arrives on American soil in July, giving home chefs an easy way to turn out impressive-looking sushi cubes from a device that resembles Tetris blocks.

Rice Cube sushi maker
The Rice Cube gives your sushi a modern Cubist appearance. Rice Cube

I have attempted to make sushi at home using a bamboo mat, seaweed, vegetables, sushi rice, and fumbling fingers. The resulting rolls bore a vague resemblance to the real thing, but they would have gotten me laughed off the set of any respectable cooking show.

The Rice Cube sushi maker promises relief for enthusiastic, but ultimately incompetent, home sushi chefs. This kitchen gadget looks like it was pulled from a game of Tetris and given 3D life in bright red plastic.

The small device squishes rice, fish, and other ingredients into perfect little squares that will make your potluck buddies envious. It works through a series of pushing and sliding motions. Check out the video below if you're having trouble visualizing that.

There's no reason to stop at sushi, though. Adventurous chefs can come up with all sorts of things to press into cubes. It's only a matter of time before someone slips some bacon in there.

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Australian cook and patent attorney Ross Patten invented the device to impress the judges at a "MasterChef" audition. It has been available in Australia since last September, but is making its U.S. debut at an International Housewares Association event on July 7 in New York.

The Rice Cube is completely recyclable and will be available for U.S. orders by July 10 for $19.99.

Rice Cube from Ross Patten on Vimeo.