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RIAA sues XM over Pioneer Inno

RIAA sues XM over Pioneer Inno

The RIAA is now aiming its lawsuit firepower at XM Satellite Radio, alleging that the Pioneer Inno is causing "massive wholesale infringement" of music label copyrights. The Inno device lets you record the music you get over your XM satellite subscription and play it back. You can't copy the music, and you can't transfer it off the device, and it vanishes the moment your subscription vanishes. In addition, XM already pays a licensing fee to the RIAA for the right to broadcast its library of music. But the RIAA says the XM's features constitute "inducement" to piracy, and, in the nut of the lawsuit, maintain that "XM subscribers will have little need ever again to buy legitimate copies of plaintiffs' sound recordings." Which is funny, because I don't recall hearing about any law that says I have to buy anything, ever.