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RHX: Slowly but surely

The Register notes that Red Hat's new open source application exchange hasn't taken the world by storm. Nor was it expected to. Instead, it is adding incremental value to the market, and in this seems to be doing quite well.

RHX (Red Hat Exchange) has not taken over the world just yet, notes Ashlee Vance of The Register. Quite fair, and quite true. Ashlee talked with people from the uber-Linux geek camp and drew some blank stares when he asked about RHX.

But this was never intended to be the audience for RHX, as Matt Mattox of Red Hat explains:

The initial focus was on North American small businesses. To our pleasant surprise, we are seeing businesses of all sizes. There's one evaluation underway, for example, for tens of thousands of users.

Alfresco has an evaluation underway that looks like the one Matt references, but it's possible that others have, too. (Zimbra, perhaps?) At any rate, we've been happy with RHX - we expected it to get traction slowly, and it has actually been better than expected. As Red Hat and its partners invest more marketing dollars into it, I suspect it will only get better.

Even The Register seems optimistic, which is saying something.... :-)

We remain bullish about Red Hat's long-term prospects with RHX. Lord knows the open source crowd could use some organization around the myriad applications that have forced their way into data centers. The project, however, does seem a bit risky for the ISVs in that Red Hat could end up owning the direct line to their customers and would dominate the main open source software marketplace.

Good points. It will be interesting to see how Red Hat answers them.