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RFID lock won't help our memory

Its keys may be smart, but we aren't

RFID lock

We've never been fond of keys. Like so many other things, their primary mission in life is to be misplaced.

We thought ThinkGeek had come up with an invention that would banish these little pests from our lives for good, with its "RFID Digital Door Lock," as posted by SlashGear. But then we read the product literature, which says the $300 device comes with four cards, two fobs and two tags that it describes as "smart keys"--which means, of course, that all we'd be doing is replacing metal keys with other items that we'd surely lose.

You can, however, use a PIN on the keypad. But that would require us to remember our combination (a topic for another post). So for now, we may have to give the fingerprint lock another look.