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Rewinery uncorks wine delivery app for iPhone

New iPhone app lets you order wine for delivery right to your door. That is, if you live in San Francisco.

Screenshots by Bonnie Cha/CNET

You're having a house party and the guests are all enjoying themselves, but oh no, you've just run out of wine! Normally, this would be a major party foul to be sure, but now, help's just a click away.

Rewinery has launched a new iPhone app that lets you order wine to be delivered right to your door. For a flat rate of $40, the company will send over three bottles of wine via bike messenger within an hour of placing your order. If you don't like a certain selection, they'll send a replacement bottle at no additional cost.

The app is available now for free and requires that you log in through Facebook so Rewinery can verify your identity and age. You'll then be asked to enter your delivery address (on a picnic? They'll even deliver to parks), but Rewinery says it's working on a GPS version so you don't have to manually input your address every time. Payment is due on delivery, and you can pay with cash or credit card.

The selection changes each month, and Rewinery says it's able to keep the costs low by offering overstocked wines. The company told Crave it has scouts that seek out overstocked wines each month from boutique wineries in California and then buys them at a discount, which is then passed on to you, the customer. Cheers to that!

To protect the wineries' brand, the original labels are removed and replaced with ones from Rewinery, but they still include the vintage and varietal, as well as a description.

There's one sour note to all of this, though. The Rewinery service is currently available only in San Francisco, but the company is in negotiations to expand to other major cities, including New York and Boston.

Rewinery also said an Android app's in the works, but if you happen to have a Windows Phone or BlackBerry, don't worry, you can still get your wine fix by ordering through the company's Web site or toll-free number.