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Revolver-shaped screwdriver guns for your fix-it projects

The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is more than meets the eye. It looks like a revolver, but it's for screwing screws rather than shooting bullets.

Drill Gun Power Screwdriver
Ready, aim, fix it. Gadgets and Gear

I imagine there's someone out there whose sole job it is to think up ways to make power tools even more manly. That person dreamed up the Drill Gun Power Screwdriver from Gadgets and Gear.

The Drill Gun is a power screwdriver in the shape of a snub-nose revolver. This tool is clearly pandering to the stereotypically testosteroned crowd, the kind of guys who might buy advance tickets to "The Expendables 2."

The 3.6-volt Drill Gun comes with six different bits and an AC adapter to charge it up. The bits, naturally, load into the cylinder for safe keeping.

You'll have to provide your own shoulder holster, fedora, and mob contacts. Just pull the trigger and you'll be blasting your way through fix-it chores in Untouchables style.

This isn't the kind of tool you're going to want to hide away in the tool box in the garage, but be wary about wielding it out in public. The prominent orange barrel is a tip-off that this weapon isn't real, but you don't want to panic your neighbors when all you're doing is fixing a hinge on the front door.

There are bits near the barrel. Gadgets and Gear alt=