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Revisiting the 4004: Intel's accidental revolution

The chip package that debuted 35 years ago this week upended whole industries. Take a tour of hardware history. Images: 35 years of Intel chip design

This Thursday marks the 35th anniversary of the public announcement of the 4004, the world's first microprocessor.

A package of three chips, the 4004 could calculate numbers from a program, a task that until then had required larger, bulkier computers. The chip and its successors revolutionized electronics and made Intel a household name around the world, although the company almost lost control of the invention and didn't fully understand its importance for years.

On Monday, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., is hosting a symposium commemorating the 35th anniversary. For the 30th anniversary of the 4004 five years ago, CNET interviewed , Stan Mazor, Andy Grove and others for an in-depth look at the microprocessor's place in history. We're reposting it here, along with other recent retrospectives and looks at coming design changes, in our ongoing effort to document computing history. And check out the 2001 story on the future changes coming to chips--we're proud to say that it predicted the future pretty darn well.

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