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Revision3 revs up for XLR8r TV launch

SAN FRANCISCO--With a white Revision3 poster hanging from a fire escape on Mason Street, the club Slide welcomed a number of tech elite and enthusiasts on Tuesday night. The club, known for the large playground slide entrance, was the site chosen for the XLR8R TV launch.

The new show is the result of a partnership between XLR8R magazine and Revision3, which was founded by Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose, David Prager, Dan Huard and Ron Gorodetzky nearly two years ago. Rose, Prager and Huard all had worked on the TechTV show The Screen Savers before it was bought by G4 Media. Rose continued to work on the reformulated show in Los Angeles but left in 2005 to build a tech-centric online network, known now as the modern-day Revision3.

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Robert Heron, a former lab correspondent at TechTV, was also on hand at the event to show his support for the fledgling network.

"TechTV was a special place to work, and I don't think there will ever be anything like it," Heron said. "But I think that Revision3 is definitely headed in the right direction."

The new program will be joining more than a dozen shows produced under the Revision3 banner. XLR8R TV is hosted by the magazine's editor, Vivian Host, and will cover electronic, hip-hop and indie rock music and culture. Each episode, produced bi-monthly, will last between 15 and 20 minutes, and will have three segments that highlight different aspects of the music industry. The show will be on a different beat than the pre-existing technology programming on Revision3, but it hopes to address a niche of aficionados on the Web.

Rose said that with Revision3, his team created a place for "geeks" to find out more about technology, and now with XLR8R TV, he hopes to extend that vision to include a more diverse audience.

Jay Adelson, Revision3's CEO who also founded data-center giant Equinix, said in regards to XLR8R, "Today's on-demand generation wants music culture programming that goes beyond the mass audience sensibilities of the networks...XLR8R TV represents the perfect Revision3 program--it presents an edgy, honest, bird's-eye view into independent music, style and culture."

Rose also mentioned that the company will be focusing on upping the production of pre-existing shows, as well as adding more programs to their lineup later in the year.