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Reviews: Rating the new notebooks

CNET has the lowdown on new laptops that feature either the 366-MHz Pentium II or new Celeron chips.

Intel's newest chips for notebooks now come in two flavors: Pentium II and Celeron.

CNET has the lowdown on 10 new notebooks with the 366 MHz Pentium II. This chip is the first Pentium II to use a new architecture that features secondary cache memory "integrated" directly onto the processor for better performance. Click here for reviews of Pentium II notebooks.

Intel, following its strategy for the desktop market, is now offering the Celeron for use in entry-level notebooks. The Celeron mobile chips contain half the amount of cache of the Pentium II and run at 266 MHz and 300 MHz. has reviews of two new Celeron-based notebooks from Dell and Gateway and finds that the chips are faster than some notebooks with the older style 300-MHz Pentium II chip without integrated cache, yet have better battery life. Click here for reviews of Celeron notebooks.