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Reviewed: A bulky Eizo and a brittle ViewSonic

An Eizo and ViewSonic monitor reviewed

The Eizo CG222W in all it's bulk splendor. Corinne Schulze/CNET

Late last week I reviewed two very different monitors.

One, the 22-inch Eizo ColorEdge CG222w was the first professional grade monitor I've reviewed. And by professional, I mean, at $1,300, it easily prices itself out of most people's pocketbooks and should only be bought by pro artists that know exactly what they want.

The second was the 24-inch ViewSonic vg2427wm.

The Eizo uses an S-PVA panel that gives it wide viewing angles. It's also one heavy and bulky son of a gun at 24 pounds and definitely feels like $1,300 worth of hardware is encased in it. The ViewSonic, conversely, feels hallow, brittle, and frightens me a bit, actually.

I have this completely irrational fear of the unit falling near me. Forcing me to dive for my life to stay ahead of the million bits of shrapnel the monitor would surely become.

Anyway, check out the reviews of each and always keep an eye here for new monitor reviews.