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Review: Sony STR-DG920 a top-notch AV receiver with four HDMI inputs, GUI

CNET reviews the Sony STR-DG920, finding it to be one of the best receivers in its price class, with four HDMI inputs and a graphical user interface.

CBS Interactive/Sarah Tew

Picking out a receiver used to be almost as easy as picking which one sounded the best, but that's hardly the case now that AV receivers are responsible for so many video duties. The Sony STR-DG920 is well-suited to its new role, offering up four HDMI inputs and 1080p analog video upconversion. In addition, the STR-DG920 is one of the only receivers in its price range to offer up a full graphical user interface, rather than the more common text-only interface.

On the downside, the STR-DG920 doesn't offer any multiroom functionality and we felt that its sound quality was a notch or two below that of its competitors. If you're hardcore audiophile or need multiroom functionality, you'll want to go with a competitor; everyone else should strongly consider the STR-DG920 as their midrange AV receiver pick.

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