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Review: Shuttle Linux PC prices itself out

Review of Shuttle's KPC K-4800 Linux desktop.

Shuttle's KPC K-4800. CNET

We covered Shuttle's bargain-basement KPC K-4500 a few months back and were quite happy with it. We can't say the same about the beefier model, the KPC K-4800. Beefy is extremely relative here, as we're still talking about desktops below $300 to start. But where the KPC K-4500 was all low-cost charm, the K-4800 and its highfalutin DVD burner butt up against budget Windows PCs with better hardware for the price.

This super cheap PC category, where a $30 hard drive upgrade can represent a relatively major price increase, gives desktop vendors very little flexibility. Unfortunately, Shuttle hit the breaking point on this model.

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