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Review: Razer Moray gaming earphones

The Razer Moray in-ear noise-isolating gaming headphones may not distinguish themselves all that much from their in-ear noise-isolating gaming headphones competitors, but they're a perfectly good, and affordable, set of earphones.


Razer is a gaming brand, and as such, it markets its Moray headphones as in-ear noise-isolating "gaming" earphones. And while there really isn't anything that distinguishes them from other soft earbud-style headphones in their price class, they do indeed pair up quite nicely with the PSP, DS, and MP3 players.

Razer describes the Morays, which come in white and black, as having "powerful bass-driven stereo sound and mid-/high-range clarity." That's a somewhat accurate statement, but if you're used to listening to your music through high-end earbud headphones, like those offered by Shure and Etymotic, you'll find the bass more restrained and the clarity not quite as detailed. With heavier bass tracks, you get some distortion at higher volumes, but all in all they hold together fairly well. We're talking about headphones that cost a little more than $30--compared with ones that cost from $100 to $200--so you can't expect the world out of these little guys.

That said, if you care about audio quality you can get considerably better-sounding earbuds--such as the V-Moda Bass Freq or the Sennheiser CX 300--for the same price or slightly more.

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