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Review: Listening in on Sony Ericsson W980

The Sony Ericsson W980 isn't our top choice for a music phone, but it's an attractive and reliable model just the same.

catch some tunes with the Sony Ericsson W980 Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Last February we took our first trip to the GSMA World Congress. While in Barcelona we saw a gallery of new snazzy cell phones that put to shame most anything we see in the United States. And while we were excited to see them, we knew that it would be a long time before they arrived in the United States. Fortunately, that time has come, as the first GSMA model, the Sony Ericsson W980, arrived on our desk this week.

Like other Walkman phones before it, the Sony Ericsson W980 promises a full media player, but it offers a unique design that we hadn't yet seen. With at least one notable exception, Sony Ericsson has done a decent job with its Walkman phones (the recent Sony Ericsson W760a won the CNET Editors' Choice Award), so we put it through its paces to see how it would fare. The design turned out to be both interesting and intuitive, and the varied feature set largely lived up to our expectations. Performance was also satisfactory, even if some calls sounded a tad harsh and the phone was slow to start up. Check out our full Sony Ericsson W980 review and the W980 slide show.