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Review: JBL Duet III speakers go well with iMacs

While the JBL Duet III speakers just don't have a lot of oomph to them, they look good and offer decent sound.


CNET reviewed the JBL Duet II PC speakers earlier this year and had some good things to say about them, though we did think they were a little short on bass. Now we got our hands on the step-up model, the Duet III, which offers the same design but the speakers are blown up in size by about 25 percent.

The package includes zeppelin-shaped speakers measuring 4.6 inches by 4.6 inches by 12 inches (the Duet IIs are 10.5 inches tall). Their fronts have a metallic silver mesh (read: cloth) covering the speaker grilles while their backs have a glossy black finish. They're attractive, modern-looking, and go particularly well with iMac models that feature an aluminum finish.

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Note: The actual price of the JBL Duet III speakers at Amazon is $112.86 (earlier they were as low as $75). To get the discount at Amazon (as of July 22, 2009), you have to add the product to your cart for it to show up with the reduced price.