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Review: iHome's LED Color Changing iPod stereo system plays well in the dark

The iHome iH15 may not sound fantastic or have much in the way of features, but its capability to change colors and set a mood in a darkened room is a unique and appealing trait.

As far as iPod music systems go, the iHome iH15 is about as simple as they come, except for a small but brilliant design twist: it changes colors.

With the lights on, we can say the iH15 ($59.99) is kinda cute, but not terribly exciting to look at. A 5.25-inch cube with some curves and a milky opaque plastic finish, it's got a bit of that '70s throwback thing going for it. Three small speakers adorn three of its four sides (one is a "passive subwoofer"). And just four buttons--one for power, two for volume, and one for toggling the color--run across the top of the unit right in front of the iPod dock. You get a 3.5mm line-in jack for other MP3 players or audio devices, but that's it--no radio, no alarm, no remote control.

Clearly the value added here is the iH15's chameleon-like quality in the dark. Touch that "color" button and you give this iHome a new aura; you can choose between seven colors or have it cycle through all the colors in a "rainbow" mode with a short pause between changes.

Does it sound any good?

Read the full review to find out.