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Review: Deadmau5 Remix iPhone Party Like Its 1999 Again!

Live remixing of Deadmau5 music.

A new app, called Deadmau5 Remix (iTunes Link), costs $2.99. It repackages a 10-track "album" into an app on your iPhone from Grammy-nominated electronic music artist Deadmau5 using an app created by a company called Future Audio Workshop. The app not only brings you the included music, but allows anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch with little or no experience mix and remix all the songs included in the album. Hopefully they will bring more albums to market in this format because it is a lot of fun. I'm having trouble keeping my hands off of this app during my idle time.

The app itself acts as a dual-track playback machine simulating what a professional DJ would see in a professional software music mixer. The software is very easy to use and simple enough to spend some time experimenting with. Mixer's have control of the Beats Per Minute (BPM), up to four concurrent effects, looping, cross fades between tracks, skipping forward and backward between phrases, and fading from one track to another.

This works great on the electronic genre music included with the app and probably would not work very well on other genres of music. It would be nice if you could use the app to mix up your iTunes music, but, alas, Apple still has media access walled off from developers.

Let us know about your favorite apps in the comments so we don't miss those either as the number of app increases that is easy to do.