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Review: Cowon S9, the good news and bad

CNET's Donald Bell offers his full review of the Cowon S9 touch-screen MP3 player.

Photo of the Cowon S9 MP3 player.
The Cowon S9 is one of the first touch-screen MP3 players to use OLED screen technology. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

The Cowon S9 is a gorgeous-looking touch-screen MP3 player that had the unfortunate fate of appearing on my desk right before the end of 2008--a time when all I could think about was egg nog, Macworld, and CES. It took some time to recover from it all (especially the nog), but the tide of touch-screen MP3 players waits for no man, and my review of the S9 was overdue.

So here's the good news: the Cowon S9 sounds fantastic, and its 3.3-inch OLED display is so pretty I thought my eyes would melt. The bad news? Well, yeah, there's some bad news too, but I want to break it to you gently. Head over to CNET Reviews for my full report on the Cowon S9.

For another, more enthusiastic take on the Cowon S9, my U.K. colleague Nate Lanxon recently posted his review, as well.