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Review: Canton CD 90 SB sound bar rocks with music, doesn't do surround

CNET reviews the Canton CD 90 SB, a surround bar that includes right, left, and center speakers, but doesn't try to create a faux surround sound effect.

CBS Interactive

Typically, the pitch behind single-speaker sound bars is that they'll recreate the immersive experience of a true 5.1 home theater system, but without all the wires and hassle associated with such a system.

The Canton CD 90 SB is decidedly different than the average sound bar: it doesn't do surround sound, it requires an AV receiver, and you'll still have to run three sets of speaker wire to the unit. The upside is that it's one of the best-sounding speaker bars we've heard, especially when it comes to music.

With a $650 suggested retail price, the Canton CD 90 SB may have a tough time finding its niche with consumers--music-loving audiophiles generally prefer separate components, while simplicity-minded buyers won't want to deal with an AV receiver and lots of speaker wire--but if it fits your criteria, it's a compelling option.

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