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Review: Cagic's stylin' 8.4-inch digital photo frame

You may not have heard of Cagic, a start-up that recently released its first digital photo frame. But it hopes its solidly built, stylish new 8.4-inch frame will make its mark in the market.


Cagic is new to the digital photo frame arena and its claim to fame--or at least its marketing pitch--is that it's keeping things simple while making a frame that's more stylish and better constructed than your typical digital photo frame.

The company's first offering, an 8.4-inch diagonal model that comes in three finishes (birch, mahogany, and black), has been designed by "a European-trained interior stylist using quality materials and passionate attention to detail." Silly marketing phrases aside, the Cagic frame does live up to its billing as being well designed and stylish.

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