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Review: Apple In-Ear headphones

Donald Bell reviews Apple's in-ear headphones.

Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks
After 24 hours of playing with Apple's latest In-Ear headphones, I've posted a full review over at CNET Reviews.

I empathize with the folks who are peeved that the remote control and microphone included on these headphones won't work on older iPods. I also get the frustration about the in-line volume rocker switch not working with the first two generations of iPhones (the iPhone 3GS is fully supported). That said, these are still a great set of headphones, and anyone who owns a new iPod should grab these without hesitation. If you own a first- or second-generation iPhone, in all seriousness, spend an extra minute to sand off those + and - symbols and you've got the best fully-functional headset for under $100.

Don't miss the forest for the trees, folks. Apple is offering a whole lot of headphone for the money, regardless of the clicker and mic compatibility.

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