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Reveal your true self with Pocket God

De-stress with a fun game for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Pocket God.

Dong Ngo/CNET

Feeling mad and disgruntled and want to boss somebody else around for a change? I have a quick fix for you.

It's a game called Pocket God designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and it's the best 99 cents I've ever spent.

As the title suggests, you are a God overlooking a small, isolated island, and you are omnipotent over the lives of the islanders.

When you're in a good mood, you can tab the screen to make the people on your island dance, feed them with coconuts, help them fish, or change the time from day to night so they can go to bed, etc. But when you're mad, you can call up a hurricane and lighting, shake the phone to crate an earthquake, bring a terrifying dinosaur upon them, or even toss the islanders into volcanoes.

The game, in a way, reveals who you are as a person as you make decisions about how to treat those submissive and devoted islanders. And if you don't do anything, they will just go on with their lives, which includes picking on one another.

Pocket God is an episodic microgame, which means the developers keep releasing updates that allow you to do more, and they have been busy at work. Episode 18 has just been released, and it gives you the power to create a tsunami and help the islanders manage an underwater environment.

You have to buy it once and then the updates are always free, thus making the game a better and better deal over time. And it's already a great deal from the very first episode.