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The Macalope bids farewell to CNET.

Queue up your "all good things" clichés, dear readers, because the end of August brings an end to the Macalope's time at CNET. It's been a great run, if something of an odd relationship. She: long-time serious Internet news source. He: short-time mythical creature with a flair for the dramatic. Can they live in a small Manhattan apartment together?!

The answer appears to be "for a while". It's not so much that there isn't still love, it's just that we've grown apart. CNET has undergone some substantial changes since the Macalope's arrival, particularly having been acquired by CBS. The Macalope distinctly remembers saying to himself in the shower one morning "Is CBS one of the good giant media conglomerates or one of the bad ones? Does accepting money from a company whose logo looks like the Eye of Sauron present any ethical dilemmas? How many CSIs does the world need, anyway? Ooh, look, peppermint fur shampoo!"

To be perfectly clear, CNET is the one that's decided to move on with its life. But it's an amicable breakup (for the curious, the lack of posting recently was really due to a vacation, not a late-inning snub) and we even had a few laughs while we sipped wine and divided our CDs. "The Spin Doctors?! Ha-ha! What were we thinking?! I think this one's yours!"

Frankly, he of the antlers is surprised it didn't happen sooner. If you want to find him, he'll be back at his old digs for the time being, the place with the URL that's much easier to remember. He's also looking at "other opportunities". Don't worry about him. He always lands on his hooves.

A lot of people bemoaned the Macalope's first move here, but CNET always paid the bills and were very supportive of the horny one's somewhat unorthodox style.

So long, and thanks for all the checks.