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Return of the Princess phone

The icon of a half-century ago gets a digital update

Remember those retro phones sold in Pottery Barn catalogs for $80? They had become such a symbol of useless consumerism that "Seinfeld" made sport of them a decade ago.

Updated Princess phone

Granted, the same argument can be made against the reincarnated Princess phone from Wild and Wolf, which we found on Shiny Shiny updated with buttons and redial. But for us, it brought back memories of our older sister yacking with her friends before the senior prom. (Yes, we're dating ourselves again.)

And aside from pure nostalgia, the Princess' sleek mid-century design gives it more of a culturally iconic appeal than the shlocky Pottery Barn phone, which looks like it should be sitting on a fake shelf at TGI Friday's. Thankfully, it won't be available until November--so we can't make an impulse purchase that we'll surely regret later.

(Photo: Wild and Wolf)