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Return of the $339.99 PlayStation 3

It's a the 80GB PS3, sold by Dell new, without a rebate or coupon code in sight. With it, you'll get state-of-the-art graphics and gaming, plus a Blu-ray Disc player.


Seriously? Sony is still pricing the PlayStation 3 at $400? That was fine when Blu-ray Disc players were selling for about the same price (the PS3 doubles as one), but now that you can snag a standalone player for as low as $150 (and an Xbox Arcade for $170), it's time for Sony to seriously rethink the PS3's price tag.

In the meantime, the best deal going comes from Dell: an 80GB PlayStation 3 for $339.99 shipped (plus sales tax in some states). These are new consoles, not refurbs, and you don't need the usual Dell coupon code.

At the risk of repeating myself, the PS3 is a killer gaming console, notable not just for state-of-the-art graphics and gaming but also for its aforementioned Blu-ray acumen. I'll cop to being an Xbox 360 and Wii guy myself, but some of the stuff I've seen on the PS3 just blows me away.

But even $340 is tough to swallow, especially with Xboxes and Wiis selling for so much less. I know one user who will disagree vehemently, but what about the rest of you? Is this a decent price on a PS3, or does it need to drop lower still? What's your magic number?