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Retro GPS stereo leads cars back to the future

Becker joins retro trend for auto sound systems.


As many carmakers try to outdo each other with cutting-edge technologies, we may be seeing a the beginnings of a trend to take accessories back in time, at least where design is concerned.

That makes sense, especially for those of us who appreciate vintage cars but can't stand the jarring appearance of a new digital radio ruining the aesthetics of a '57 Chevy's dashboard. Companies such as RetroBelt have figure this out with products like its "Retro Sound" sound system, and now Becker has done them one better by adding GPS features to a retro stereo of its own.

In addition to the navigation, the classically pinstriped "Mexico 7948" (we're don't understand the name either) includes an MP3 player, iPod connection, voice recognition, and Internet access, according to Dvice. It's available in Europe now, though a U.S. version is planned for release this year. But at an estimated $2,300, it might better to just buy a new car.