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Retro-cool sunglasses put pixels on your face

Startup Protos, which specializes in 3D-printed eyeglasses, makes Lego-looking shades a fashionable accessory.

A must-have accessory for the next designer job opening? Protos

If you used to build with toy bricks and play 8-bit video games, check out these $250 Hal Pixel sunglasses from Protos, with aesthetics inspired by Lego (or perhaps Minecraft terrain).

Fortunately, the glasses don't crumble easily like those Lego sets my friends would accidentally step on.

The San Francisco-based startup, which formed in August of last year, specializes in 3D-printed eyewear. If you scoff at the price of the Lego-inspired shades, some lesser-priced 3D-printed options by Protos (with more conventional designs) start at $180. Am I the only one who sees this as the calm before the storm of 3D-printed fashion accessories?

In related news, Protos plans to launch custom-made eyewear created using the individual's facial measurements, thanks once again to the magic of 3D printing. I hope Protos continues the trend of geek-inspired glasses, because aspiring Gordan Freemans everywhere need their fix.

Any Minecraft players reading this should totally make a massive version of these in the game. Protos