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Retro '50s-style HDTV perfect for 'Leave it to Beaver' reruns

Seiki's new retro HDTV gives the illusion of a 1950s television set, but without the hassle of old technology.

Seiki Retro Design HDTV
It's back to the future with this retro TV. Seiki

If LG's '70s-style LED TV looks too modern for your tastes, you can rewind in time even further with Seiki's new SE22FR01 22-inch retro HDTV. Don't worry, it does include a remote control.

The set goes for a chunky, rounded 1950s look held up by three little silver feet. It's a cartoonish interpretation of an old-style television, but therein lies the charm. You won't be mounting it on your wall, but it should fit right in with your Elvis and Marilyn decor.

The color choices for the $329 TV continue the theme with names like Retro Red, Mid-century Yellow, Electric Blue, Doo-wop Purple, and Cadillac Pink. This should appeal to anyone with a poodle skirt in the closet.

The SE22FR01 won't stun you with the specs, though it offers a few surprises like a built-in subwoofer and fun volume and power dials. It does 1080p and only sports one HDMI input, but it's not about having cutting-edge technology. It's about looking like you salvaged your television from a time machine.