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Retro 1980s case turns iPhone into 'brick' handset

Get your Cyndi Lauper on with ThinkGeek's Retro iPhone Case, an ode to 1980s technology excesses that would look right at home in an episode of "Knight Rider."

Retro iPhone Case
Would you describe this retro iPhone case as "rad" or "bodacious?" ThinkGeek

Once upon a time, only the coolest (and wealthiest) people had mobile phones, and those phones were the size of a large guinea pig. This magical time was known as the 1980s.

Retro iPhone Case
Paging Mr. Hasselhoff, your phone is ready. (Click to enlarge.) ThinkGeek

If you pine for the days when acid wash jeans and Phil Collins ruled America, then ThinkGeek's Retro iPhone Case is for you.

Slip your iPhone into this case and lose all pretense to having a sleek, modern telecommunications device. All of a sudden, you have a brick-sized 1980s phone to go with your "Miami Vice" pop-collar jacket and gelled hair.

This honkin' huge case is gigantic enough to insulate your iPhone from bumps, but it still allows access to your touch screen.

ThinkGeek suggests using it as a gag gift or costume accessory. Where's your commitment, ThinkGeek? I suggest buyers use this as an everyday case for maximum bang-for-the-buck.

Sure, it won't fit into a pocket. It won't even fit into a lot of purses, but it will accomplish what those early '80s phones managed to do: garner you some attention.

The $14.99 Retro iPhone Case could also become a great punishment for wayward teenagers. Has your teen missed curfew too many times? Don't take her iPhone away, just make her keep it in this case at all times.