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Retrevo launches DTV coupon exchange

Program matches up those who need DTV converter box coupons with those who have extra.

Though DTV converter boxes are stacked up in most electronics stores, there are not enough guaranteed government coupons for them since the funds for the program began to run out.

With the scheduled transition to DTV broadcasting fast approaching (slated for February 17), one company is encouraging us to share the wealth. Retrevo's Good Neighbor Coupon Exchange Program links up those who have unused converter box coupons with those who are in need of them.

On Retrevo's DTV site, you simply choose whether you have a coupon to give or if you need one. Enter an e-mail address and a ZIP code and Retrevo will connect people living near each other so they can exchange. (Note: the person you are connected with will have your e-mail address, so consider that ahead of time.)

You can choose to give or receive your coupon through the mail or via an in-person exchange, but the only thing that can change hands is the coupons themselves--no buying or selling allowed.