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Retailers report PC sales still strong

Despite analysts' dire predictions, PCs sold well right through the holiday season. The Good Guys reports a 60 percent jump in PC sales during the fourth quarter, and CompUSA sales in general were up 10.5 percent.

PC retailers are starting the year off right. The figures are in on holiday computer sales, and it looks like business is still booming despite analysts' dire predictions of a drop-off in the two-year PC sales bonanza.

According to an International Data Corporation survey, 47 percent of PC retailers reported sales were better than expected, and 36 percent said their sales expectations were met. Only 17 percent reported sales lower than expected.

The Good Guys consumer electronics chain reported a 60 percent jump in sales during the fourth quarter, while computer retailer CompUSA said its overall sales were up 10.5 percent.

IDC predicts that in 1996, 80 percent of PC shipments will be to the home market and that PC prices will drop dramatically.