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Retailer already selling iPhone 5 -- and at a discount

Australia's Kogan is taking pre-orders for the new iPhone two days before Apple, and knocking A$100 off the price.

New iPhones are cheaper down under. Screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET

If you absolutely can't wait for the new iPhone 5 -- how dare they make you wait another two days just to preorder after months of hype, right? -- you may want to visit the digital Down Under.

Australian retailer Kogan is already selling the unlocked version of the iPhone 5, and undercutting the retail price of the phone by A$100 while they're at it. That means A$699 (about $733) for the 16GB model. Of course, you'll have to tack on A$19 in shipping charges, and if you live outside Australia, you'll have to find someone there to forward it on, as it doesn't appear that Kogan is shipping outside the country.

Oh yea, and the retailer also says it doesn't plan to dispatch the iPhones until September 21, the same time Apple Stores worldwide will begin selling the new skinny phone.

So, you're really only getting the psychological benefit of having your order locked in a few days before Apple even starts taking down names for an iPhone 5, plus a little bit of savings.

But if you're the kind of Apple fan willing to go to great lengths to get in line first, an early Kogan order receipt certainly comes with some bragging rights. Why not print out some extra copies and hand them out to all the folks standing in line at Apple Stores later this month so they can see what they have to look forward to? Surely they'll appreciate the encouragement -- but you may want to wear your running shoes just in case they take it the wrong way.