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Resumator makes hiring collaborative, paper-free

Post and monitor jobs for your company with Resumator. It takes incoming resumes and hosts them online for you to sort through.

Assuming you're in a position of hiring new people to work for your company (instead of laying them off), there's a new productivity boosting service called The Resumator that launched early Wednesday. It's part job-posting tool, part paperwork reducer, and also manages to throw in a recommendation engine that tells you which Web job boards are worth posting to based on the kind of job you're trying to hire for.

Of all the features, I find the most attractive one to be the document organizer, which sorts submitted resumes into different buckets for each job. You can search through these and narrow them down into groups by keyword, making it simpler to see who has listed certain skills, schools, or workplaces. It uses Scribd to convert each file into a browser-friendly document, and throws in a few neat Webby features like a five-star rating system and optional checklist that lets you quickly give each applicant the yea or nay in a centralized location.

What I really like about this system is that it's collaborative. Say, for instance, you're involving a few people in your company with a hiring process, you can give each one of them access, and they can rate each applicant respectively. I had helped out with this in a previous job, and Resumator's system would have been a whole lot better than wading through paperwork, adding sticky notes, and marking up each person's printed resume.

Resumator costs $59 a month and lets you post and manage an unlimited number of jobs. If you're trying to hone your resume, also worth checking out is Razume where others can mark up your CV and tell you what areas need work (Disclosure, Razume founder and CEO Sam Blum is an old friend of mine).

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The Resumator lets you dig through uploaded resumes and view them right in your browser using Scribd. You can also grant other members of your team access to this listing so they can rate and comment on applicants. Charlton Ventures