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Rest your weary head on a Star Trek pillow

Geeky pillows that glow in the dark. What more could you want?

You know you want one. Lynne Dhenson/Etsy

I wasn't quite sure how to start this one.

I considered "It's not often you hear 'felt' and 'Star Trek fans' together. OH SNAP!" but I reconsidered. Too predictable. Plus, you know, it's not like I'm George Clooney here.

Anyway, I kinda dig this. One might even say I crave it. Etsy user Lynne Dhenson crafted this pimptacular Star Trek felt pillow. It's hand-cut, hand-stitched, and perfect for Star Trek fans; not only is it really cool-looking, but it also glows in the dark!

While it's not for sale now (KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!), one can hope. I like to think there are always possibilities.

(Via GeekSugar)