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Rest your hobbit head in this 'Lord of the Rings' bedroom

Do you have $3.4 million lying around just waiting to buy a geeky mansion? This five-bed, six-bath home in Scottsdale, Ariz. has an incredible movie-themed bedroom.

This amazing 'Lord of the Rings' bedroom, and the house in which it's found, can be yours for a few million.Estately

If you're weary after a jam-packed day of breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, teatime and supper, what better way to unwind and rest your hobbit head than in the amazing "Lord of the Rings"-themed bedroom in this Scottsdale, Ariz. mansion.

Of course, though it's meant for someone small, the 7,664-square-foot, five-bedroom, six-bathroom house costs a very large $3.4 million. That's about £2.27 million or AU$4.36 million.

But if you have that kind of cash lying around, or can draw on truly epic credit, perhaps you could become the owner of a bedroom that features a beautifully painted mural of several characters from Peter Jackson's movie version of Middle-earth, plus a partially 3D Treebeard holding up Merry and Pippin in a second mural. Sweet dreams!

Of course, there are other rooms in the house, some of which are pretty cool in their own right, but for Tolkien and/or Jackson fans nothing compares to the bedroom that whisks you away to a world of dwarves, elves, hobbits and wizards. You can check out pictures of the house at the official Estately listing.