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Resident Evil getting 'full-scale offensive' from Capcom this year

The franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary this year -- and it sounds like Capcom has big plans to celebrate.

The release of Resident Evil shooter spinoff Umbrella Corps next month represents just a "warmup" for what Capcom has in store for the full year, the Japanese company teased today.

In Capcom's newest earnings report, released today, the company said Umbrella Corps is a "warmup to the full-scale offensive planned for the second half of the year."

This is not necessarily a reference to Resident Evil 7, which is rumored to be in development. In the statement, Capcom pointed out that the Resident Evil series is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, so it could be that the "full-scale offensive" is in reference to the company's celebration plans.


Whatever the case, GameSpot will bring you more news as it becomes available.

Umbrella Corp launches on June 21 for PC and PlayStation 4, priced at $30. The game was originally scheduled to come out in May, but was delayed to give developers extra time to "optimize" for launch. An Xbox One version of the game has not been announced.

As for Capcom's financials, the company reported that, despite Street Fighter V's underperformance, the company still saw its profit climb.