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Reseller offers sub-$1,000 package

A computer catalog reseller announces a PC package for $999 that includes a 166-MHz class PC, a monitor, a color printer, and on-site installation.

A computer catalog reseller announced it is offering a PC package for $999 that includes a 166-MHz class system, monitor, color printer, and on-site installation.

Taking aim at the red-hot sub-$1,000 market, TigerDirect is advertising a low-cost PC incorporating the Cyrix-manufactured IBM 6x86 PR200+ microprocessor, a 1.7GB hard drive, and 16MB RAM. The system also features audio and video cards and a 33.6-kbps modem. The PR200+ chip does not run at 200 MHz, though Cyrix claims it delivers performance that is close to a 200-MHz Pentium chip.

Resellers often market low-cost systems by separately obtaining a PC's components and assembling the parts themselves. According to TigerDirect, the Multimedia PC offers componentry equivalent to more well-known PC brands.

TigerDirect's sales pitch is sweetened by the inclusion of a color monitor and the Canon BJC-250 color printer, an ink jet printer that retails for $150.

Installation is performed by appointment by Dow Jones Field Service technicians at home or office sites.

Apparently a popular item, the Multimedia PC is currently on a week's backorder.