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Researchers find anyone could watch smart security cameras' internet live stream

A flaw makes it easy to trick the Swann devices, they say.


Swann says that the vulnerability in one of its cameras' security has been fixed.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Researchers found a major flaw in smart security cameras that allowed others to access their live feeds.

A team from Pen Test Partners found that one of the cameras made by Swann didn't check if the stream's viewer was an authorized user, CNET sister site ZDNet reported.

This allowed anyone to watch and listen to the live feed from the internet-connected camera.

"We successfully switched video feeds from one camera to another through the cloud service, proving arbitrary access to anyone's camera," the team wrote.

Swann and OzVision (the provider of its cloud tech) said the issue was limited to the  the SWWHD-Intcam -- the Swann Smart Security Camera -- and has been fixed, according to the BBC -- which first reported the story and inspired the research when it flagged the issue last month.

However, the researchers said other smart camera makers who rely on OzVision are still vulnerable and highlight the Flir FX smart camera as one example.