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reQall: Give your brain a rest, use your phone to remember

Don't like tapping memos into your phone's calendar or writing them on a piece of paper? Just speak into your phone then, you lazy person

If you're terrible at remembering things and averse to writing things down or tapping into your phone's calendar, a service that's just launched in the UK claims it has the answer.

reQall is a mobile phone speech-to-text service (similar to SpinVox's offering), which allows you to create memos by simply calling a number and speaking into your phone.

Once you've left your voice memo, reQall converts it to text and sends it back to you via SMS. We tested this out this morning and it worked perfectly.

reQall can also email you your memo, or it can even create a new entry in your Google Calendar, Outlook 2007 or any calendar that supports the iCal standard. Alternatively, you can call the reQall number and hear all your memos using your phone.

While the service is free from a landline, the 'toll-free' 0800 number isn't free on every mobile tariff, as we quickly found out when we called it. But that shouldn't put you off, because aside from the charges you may incur from calling the reQall number, everything else is free. For more information on how to sign up to the service, visit the reQall Web site. -Andrew Lim